Why Belle of the Oaks?

At Belle of the Oaks, we believe that continued care and continued involvement in 12-step help groups are crucial to the ongoing recovery of addicts and their families. This phase of the recovery process is extremely important as it allows patients the ability to build upon the skills previously learned in inpatient treatment in a secure, structured setting within the community. Our Belle of the Oaks program provides women who are fresh out of rehab with a supportive and peaceful environment where they can address issues that may arise as they enter back into a sober society. By entering into an extended care program, like the one offered at Belle of the Oaks, these women have the ability to ease back into daily life while also helping to ensure a more successful recovery.

The unique phase approach to treatment implemented at Belle of the Oaks allows each woman the ability to learn a specific set of skills, gain additional knowledge, and develop a better sense of awareness, all of which are necessary for lifelong recovery. Furthermore, this approach helps to minimize distractions and helps the client focus on herself and her recovery. As a woman moves through each phase, she will be encouraged to develop healthy, meaningful relationships and to obtain gainful employment, enroll in school, or seek out volunteer opportunities. This entire process allows for increased autonomy and helps each woman become more self-sufficient. By the last phase of the Belle of the Oaks program, each woman will be able to consistently demonstrate recovery skills in daily life and be responsible for herself.

With a wide spectrum of therapeutic options, as well as the support of sponsors, alumni, and other women in recovery, Belle of the Oaks is the perfect program for helping those women who, after inpatient treatment, do not feel completely ready to be on their own quite yet. Belle of the Oaks can help each woman successfully reintegrate back into society, while also addressing any obstacles she may encounter along the way.

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